aye lil momma

I’m so upset because I feel like my best friend is slowly being taken away from me by this other girl and she alrEADY STOLE MY BEST FRIEND FROM ME IN MIDDLE SCHOOL LIKE THIS IS THE SECOND TIME REALLY. I’m just really mad because now I’m going to leave and then they are going to get closer while I’m pushed away with no friends at all like this sucks I just want to my friendships to last forever and now that I’m graduating tomorrow its all coming up so fast and I don’t think I’m ready for this

I just saw a picture of my ex on Instagram and I’m so emotional right now because I saw he wasn’t wearing the lanyard I bought him when we were dating and he wore that for the longest time even after we broke up and it just sunk in that we are completely over forever and that he’s like 100% over me and I can’t believe this wow I can’t believe I still care even though its been like 10 months since we broke up LOL
And I had to drive by his house three times today so that didn’t help either. :)))))

I’m such a disappointment, I’m such a failure, I’m stupid and terrible at everything. I ruin everything I come into contact with, so many bad things happen and I never know why, I must’ve been a 10x worse human being in a past life to deserve all this karma
I’m losing my faith
I don’t like myself and no one else does. I’m all alone and I don’t know what I’m doing I’m so scared my entire life is over, in a day my entire life just came crashing down and now it’s gone everything I worked for, and dream of is gone, because of one little mistake, a little mistake I could’ve prevented if I tried harder last year and passed just 1 class just 1. Then everything would be perfect, I would be asleep in bed right now ready for tomorrow where I would go and take my last test of high school but now I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow and I’m crying and freaking out and I’m just praying to God that he helps me just one last time because I need this more than anything I have never had a future I have never woken up happy, never gone to bed without crying myself to sleep because I’m too much of a wimp to kill myself, this is all I have. The only thing I have ever looked forward to I need this please God just help me right now I need you a lot

I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve half of the bad things that happen to me tbh like idk
It’s not even a shock when bad things happen now, like ill enjoy the good time while they are here and then just kinda wait for something to mess it up right when I think things are going to be alright
Like I’m so dumb this is dumb my life is dumb and probably over forever now I don’t even have anything to live for now if I can’t graduate lol
I swear to god if I don’t get to graduate high school because my counselor counted my credits wrong and now I’m 1 short like I’m probably just going to die because there won’t be anything for me like I wont be able to join the Navy i haven’t applied to any colleges, I don’t have a real job I will literally have nothing I hate everything

One day I think I like love someone and the next day I don’t even care about them like at all and that bugs me so much but I can’t wait till I can finally move past this and am emotionally stable enough for a relationship again like wow just thinking about it makes me happy enough to wait so that’s a plus!!!!!

My best friend that my entire family wants me to literally marry is going with my family to the zoo today pray that it doesn’t get awkward omfgdksb

It’s actually the best feeling ever to fall asleep with someone while face timing m like its so cute it just makes me really happy lol v blessed to have a best friend who does this :,)

I got a 90 on my English test this week!!!!! I’m proud of me!!!!! I haven’t studied that much in forever and English is the hardest subject for me so I’m just really happy. :)) I celebrated by buying fish lol I love me

I’m so emotional over the office ending I’m laughing at myself lol

I’m laughing because my older “brother” and my mom went to the store today and my older brother is a wrestling coach, so he coached this guy who I literally hate and I don’t hate people, like it takes a lot for me to not like someone, anyway they both ran into this guy and he introduced my mom as “Brandi’s mom” and I guess he got this really uncomfortable look on his face when he found out it was my mom which makes me laugh because I’m pretty sure he knows I hate him and he knows how he ruined my life so I mean I guess it’s not much but it made me feel a lil bit better